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Buyer Resources

The First Step:
The journey cannot begin until we know where we’re going.  That starts by understanding what matters most to you and your family.  We turn your wants and needs into specific parameters to define our search criteria.

Location, location, location:
We have a highly customized system for building a custom search model based on your criteria.

Crunching Numbers:
Pinpointing the most competitive price for our clients is a function of timing and data – recent sales and up-to-the-minute changes in market conditions.  We are experienced in analyzing and interpreting this data, and will share this inside market information with you.

“The One”:
When you walk in to that fabulous home, “the one” that’s really right for you, our real work begins!  The pricing of your initial offer, the subsequent negotiations, and the contingencies all require the expertise of experienced strategists who know the market better than anyone and know how to win.  That’s where we really shine.  We have a proven, systematic approach to negotiating the lowest price and most favorable terms possible for you and your new home.  Let us help you find, and purchase, that one-of-a-kind home that appeals to you emotionally, and makes sense to you financially.

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